Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bald Nazi

I wanted a haircut, but only had a razor, and this happened. It takes a long time to shave your head, and it kinda hurts, especially without shaving cream. I dont know why I didnt use shaving cream. It is nice and easy though, having a shaved head. All the old sailor men at the boat dock say I look good, no doubt they are just trying to legitimize their own shiny craniums. Already multiple people have accused me of being a nazi, I cant think of why people associate baldness with nazism, I dont think Hitler advocated shave heads.

1 comment:

Kari said...

I never noticed, but your shaved head definitely brings out the whiteness of your scalp. It works for you. Also, I didn't realize you were a soccer ball model, when did this begin? Is that how you're making money down there? You aren't really showing off the ball very well though, work on your form...maybe kick it around some. As for the sailors commenting that you look good with the shaved head, I would have to agree, it's not too shabby, but you might want to watch your back, sailors are occasionally stereotyped, as, well, you know...haha. keep up the modeling!