Sunday, September 14, 2008


Here I am, supposed to be writing my paper to finally finish school, so I write now as a distraction more than any other reason. I only have 2 papers left to complete my G grades from spring semester and I will be a Pitt graduate. I am impressed even with my own ability to procrastinate. These papers were due about 5 months ago. New record. Though I dont think getting hit by a car is worth that impressive procrastinatory feat.
I am the definition of a procrastinator. I like to think of it as operating most efficiently. if you think about it, if you are going to spend only 5 hours studying, no more no less, wouldnt you say that best time to study would be right before the test? I would think so too, that is the premise under which i operate. I have spent many many sleepless nights studying for tests, literally staying up the entire night cramming, almost every night before a big test in my college career, only in Ochem did this method ever fail me. I am pretty sure I took a week off my life every time i pulled an all nighter, although when I think about it, when i am old and decrepit, I think I would gladly give up a week of my life for just 12 hours of my college years.
I try to operate as efficiently as possible in everyday life. I didnt really realize how many of my habits result from an atttempt to be efficient until walking with Kari one day, who insists on using crosswalks, and it really bothering me to go to the end of the street, and cross at a 90 degree angle. Diagonals! It is far more efficient to walk a diagonal across the street, and I now realize that I make a significant effort to walk diagonals. Im like a bishop, hah, get it? diagonals? oh you're useless... like in chess? nowww you got it.

Hey, I kinda wanna know who is reading this, leave a comment.

Go Steelers by the way. Polamalu just got an interception. He rules.


kari said...

you definitely win the gold in procrastination, remember when you were supposed to be moved out of craig street by 10 am, but hadn't packed anything, so didn't get everything out until 11, and then got charged $150? yeaaah, sometimes the "most efficient" way of doing things isn't the best. and speaking of efficiency, maybe i like the extra exercise i get from crossing the street at cross walks, lazy. i'll have weeks added onto my life when im old and decrepit because of all of those extra steps. actually, i consciously cross the street on a diagonal now because of you instilling your wisdom in me. how i ever functioned properly without crossing streets diagonally i will never know.

kari said...

oh, and Polamalu for President

Alan said...

i would just like to say that a cop pulled me over on my bike bc i was goin the wrong way on a one way street, and that was just a huge waste of time for both of us

and that crazy hawaiian literally flew in that game
not to mention anderson gettin a little love snap from his center

thoughts... said...

so aimlessly looking at stupid stumblers on the internet because you know you should be doing school work and feel bad leaving your computer/study area because then you would be actively not studying, which is not acceptable, while passively studying is, is a better use of time than doing something else off of the internet or just doing school stuff?

i get it

Becky said...

I say DO YOUR PAPER and be done with it. Do your presentation once out loud in NC before you go to PA

Becky said...

Oh, and .... Polamalu is awesome!!