Friday, January 28, 2011

And My Feet are Longfellows

I have always had the propensity to write my way through life. It is definitely my favorite form of communication and I think I represent myself best through words. I'm good at 'em. The popularity of AIM through my childhood was probably the reason for a few girls crushing on me (I mean, there were so many), I wooed them with words. It is so easy to type your feelings, backspace, revise. You can be quick witted without being that quick, it's nice. I came across a document of haikus that I wrote in boredom some yawny highschool afternoon and it inspired me to try to make a collection of some of my poetry. Speaking of yawny. Here it is.

This poem was a little contract piece I did on short notice back in '97, April 9th to be exact. A news crew decided to come to Castle Elementary to cover our observance of Arbor Day and two gifted young handsome good looking funny talented awesome students were selected to write a piece about arbor day to be read on the news. Crystal Winters (what a name right? Ya, we dated, no big deal) wrote something that was probably pretty good, considering the 20 minutes we had to complete it, and I popped out this little rhyme like some kind of Arbor Day free stylin 6th grader. I had to memorize it to read it on the news and somehow it stuck, it is amazing the things I forget, but I still know that poem.

Arbor Day, people say "What is it for"?
I tell them "The oaks, the poplars and all of the more"
They give everyone life, yes, you and me!
That's why we celebrate this day for the tree.
It's not just because they give us our wood,
It's because they breath in bad air, and exhale good.
So next time you cut down a tree that we need,
Don't walk away, make life with a seed.

Heres a few mushy ones. What better inspiration than love. I should send this first one to Hallmark.

My hands miss your graze,
My ears your tone.
My eyes miss your gaze,
My lips your own.

And this one I wrote while away on the boat for 8 months. I had a lot of free time to write, I even pieced together some driftwood and painted a picture to accompany the poem.

Living on a boat, I have come to know,
What I need to keep, and what can go.
Life on the sea makes me realize,

What I need in a life cut down to size.

First, of course, everyone needs them,

Three meals a day, just to feed them.

And it's a basic fact that once you're fed,
You need a place to lay your head.

A good night's sleep, wake up and then,

The next day do it all again.

To eat and sleep, thats technically,

All you need to live, biologically.

But to stay alive day to day,

Living life in such a way,
A trite existence this life would give,
Because "to stay alive" is not "to live".

So what is it I think is giving,

Meaning to make my life worth living?
None of that stuff you have on land,

The cars, the bars, the dates, the plans.

The toilets that flush with a lever,
Internet that doesn't take forever.

They are all just extra, superfluous,

But still there is something that I miss.

I've got a bed, and lots of food,

The thing that I'm missing is you.

I realize without you, I'm alone,

You are my life, my love , my home.

So after letting this issue seep,

Into my mind and thinking deep,

I realize all I need to keep,

Is you, food, and a place to sleep.

I realize all I need to keep,
Is you, food, and a place to sleep.

These are what I can remember from one of the early days with Kari, it was the night we decided that we would be the King and Empress of the world.

As King of the World I foresee an issue,
It might not be okay to kiss you.

The Earth will shudder, shake and twirl,

Cause when we kiss, you rock
my world.

It was also the first meal she cooked for me.

Because you've got the brains and looks,
I'll get over the fact that you cant cook.

These are the haikus that I found, pretty weird...


In daylight hours,
My Lifeforce driven along,
Sleepiness ensues.

-------------misunderstood kid--

They dont understand
I am dying on the inside
dark makeup reaveals.

------------cool kid-----------
You all know I'm cool
See all them with white Nikes?
My Nikes are blue.


Driving in the car
Passenger glued to window
line line line line line


entropy, can't, stuck,
gesticular, bottlecap,
first place, canvas, sat


he opened the door
common gentleman gesture
she killed his father


deep penetration
get caught up in the moment
Morning after pill


sip lightly, tasting
swish, gargle, head falls backwards
slight hint of poison


gracefully winding
sugar phosphate and a base
encoding our lives

sugar phosphate and a base
nucleic acid

Ok, that is enough for now, just a random smattering of what I could remember or easily find, maybe I will come across more some day.

Today, Friday January 28, the high in Denver is 62. I <3 global warming. jj.


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I can honestly say that I enjoy all of your poems/haikus.