Tuesday, March 30, 2010


California here we come

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Evansville, Indiana; Dallas, Texas; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Mathers, Grand Canyon, Arizona; Las Vegas, Nevada; Santa Cruz, California.

We have made it to Albuquerque and it has been amazing. We did lots of planning for things to do as we are bored out of minds driving through the deserts, the monotonous expanses of nothing. We have not needed any of it, sitting in the seat for hours and hours straight takes a bit of a toll, but it is endless entertainment watching the world change outside the window, that might change as the states get more square, but I dont think so, I am loving it.

Going through Tennessee, Arkansas, Kansas, it was not much different than the northeaster travels I am used to. I was hoping that would change as we entered Texas, but not a single tumbleweed crossed our path between us and Dallas, slightly disappointed, but it was still Texas. Our wonderful hosts took us through Dallas/Fort Worth, sampling the cuisine, buying souvenirs, attending the dog show, the usual. We went with Mick to scope out the huskys at a dog show in Forth Worth and had a hell of a time really just mocking the whole situation. The range of crazy you can find in a place like that is phenomenal, watching the people prance around with their little dogs, pampering them, cuddling them, it was just ridiculous. They had professional photographers going around to get pictures of owners and their dogs, so Mick and I got pictures with ours, they even put us up on their website (be sure to browse through the other photos, noticing how many of them are just people), I think ours deserved best in show, dont you?

So now we are at a hotel in Albuquerque preparing for our trip to the grand canyon where we will be camping for 2 days before heading to Las Vegas. I thought $15 a night for a camping spot at the canyon was pretty decent, and then I booked a hotel on the Vegas strip for the same amount... oh well. There are lots more things to talk about and pictures to share, but we are on the move, so we gotta get movin. Come back soon for some hopefully spectacular views of the Grand Canyon.

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