Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You wish you lived in Pennsylvania

Well, good news, I am officially a PA resident once again. I have moved into a new apartment in Bensalem, in northeast philly. I have been keeping myself busy looking for a job the past couple weeks, with depressingly poor results. I have applied to a ridiculous amount of jobs, finding them on craigslist, the paper, roaming the streets. I have only gotten 3 calls from all those applications, one was from a "balloon artist", seriously, I applied to be a balloon artist, and at $10 an hour I got that nonsense out of the way, another call back was from Vector Marketing. There are probably some of you out there who know what that means already, well, I didnt know what that meant, all I knew was that I got a call back from a marketing firm to do customer service work and she told me to dress nice for the interview. I show up to a little office complex and enter a room with 8 other people sitting clueless at a table making small talk. Two of them were driven there by their parents. The rest were a mish-mash of ethnicity, age, and sanity. I got practically laughed at when I said I had a college degree. She started giving a presentation about the job and I was already feeling out of place... then I saw the word Cutco. It all went downhill from there. After sitting through almost an hour about how to sell knives and how their pyramid scheme was your chance for great success, I left with my head held low. I was one of the lucky 2 people to get a call back later that day, and I had to respectfully decline. I thought about it though. Thats how desperate I am. I considered selling Cutco and being a balloon artist. I currently have a pretty promising prospect at a valeting job, going back for interview #2 today, and a friend on my new soccer team said his wife can get me a job at toys-r-us. So, still slightly depressing, but hey, its work. And I recently put out some applications for some research positions, so hopefully those will play out.

And on a happier note, and one of the reasons I need that job, I just bought my first car and dang is she a beaut. It is a 2003 Jetta, charcoal grey, with black Motegi 17" spoke rims, and it is immaculate. The guy who sold it took care of it with an intensity that it will never experience again in the hands of its new owner, and it shows, without a flaw on the interior or exterior. All I have is the picture from the ad, but I will put some more up in the near future.

The move to a new apartment has gone pretty well, the only downside to the whole thing is... we are living in a den. After much debating and deal making, we decided that we would move into Brooke's second bedroom until December when we go back to Pittsburgh. Turns out that she lost the 2 bedroom she wanted and all that was left was a one bedroom with a den, which we agreed to stay in, maybe ignorantly. So Kari and I now live in Brooke's 8x9 foot den, and it is working out quite well. Somehow. The complex owns a marina and I had hoped to bring my dinghy up to keep there, but the guy told me I have to pay $60/foot even for a 7 foot tender... so sadly the dinghy remains in Grandad's garage in NC. I guess that the boater hospitality I had experienced in my previous journeys doesnt exist everywhere.

So, other than job searching and car buying, I joined a soccer team. Spruce Goose FC! And we just started practice, it seems like it will be a good time. And hey, thanks for the compliments on my guacamole recipe, with such a positive response, it is good incentive to get some more recipes up, so look for some in the future.

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