Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I bet you think this blog is about you

Currently I am in Philly crashing at Kari and Brooke's place, well... really... I am in Jersey, but i dont like to admit that, even to myself. Especially not the fact that my girlfriend lives in jersey. i sometimes cry at night. I did my final presentation on genetic modification of crops and nailed it, graduation here i come. wait whats that you say? Another paper? I have been in such denial that I even forgot about it myself? woops. OK, almost there. Comparative phage genomics lab report here I come. I have to do a kind of synopsis of the work we did on bacteriophages. We analyzed the entire genome of the "Halo" bacteriophage, using possible start and stop codons to guess where genes start and stop, then excise one of the genes, then take the altered genome, replicate it by infecting a bacteria with the phage, and see what the consequences of removing the gene are. Awesome right? and now I have to write a 10orso page paper on it. But thennnn I graduate! probably!

If you have a friend who makes a stupid decision and does something that a significant other wouldnt like, it is that friends decision when or how or whether to tell the significant other right? dont take it into your own hands. That is crappy behavior.

I just used the word vain, and it makes me think of that song "You're so vain, I bet you think this song is about you". oh ya? Who the hell is it about then. There is one guy who thinks that song is about him, he is described at length, and it is about that one guy, so he is not vain, thats bull. And if there are a bunch of guys who think you are writing songs about them, well then youre just a slut Carly Simon.

I have had intentions of keeping a dream log many times in the past, it never happens though, dreams are really amazing, it is kind of mind blowing when you think about what is really going on. Like hypnotism, thats crazy too, the mind is so complex it ridiculous. My family was in a hypnotism show once at a family reunion, I tried to be hypnotised with the rest but it didnt work, I think its because my mind is constantly bouncing around, I cant concentrate on the hypnosis for long enough. My brothers and dad were under though, Mark ended up in some kind of crazy hypnocoma and was like shuddering unresponsive on his chair, so the guy took him out, Alan had to pee and was wiggling around the whole time, eventually when they were all sitting down, he just tipped over forward straight onto his head and came out of it. My dad went through the whole thing, thinking he was in airplanes, driving cars, at the horse track (his horse was "Osama Bin Ridin"), it was hilarious to watch everyone on stage doing these ridiculous things. One girl kept being bitten by her chair, one guy said "I have a boo boo and i need a band aid" every time anyone touched him, and placed the multi colored bandaids wherever he was touched. Most of them remembered nothing, and everyone said they felt very well rested, like they had a full nights sleep. If i hadnt witnessed it myself, I would have doubts that hypnotism is real, but it is. somehow.

Anyway, the dreams thing, I wish I could remember my dreams, which is what the log is supposed to help. just last night a had some elaborate dream, but now all I can remember is being in Peters riding down the trail on a go cart from Beths house. I miss that trail, there were a lot of good times- the races I've run, the biking I've done, the blading, the walking, the sneaking, the stalking, oh the felonies we committed. The TP we covered the trees in, the pranks of the cross country season, the secretive late night cruises, all of the scratches and bruises, the examples are ample, but thats just a small sample, dont ask me whats been omitted.
That was some Dr. Seuss shit right there. Tell me about some crazy dreams.


Alan said...

DUDE, PERFECT dream for you

we were at a dub v football game and mom wore a orange ponchoes, and for some reason everyone thought it was a hasmat suit... so our whole row just bolted..then section...then the whole stadium was just fuckin haywire...

it was so hilarious, then mom was just kinda chillin alone confused as hell in the stadium...

Becky said...

I dreamed that your dad and I were in a house near the water and we were being chased by a shark. we jumped into the house and the shark was trying to get in but the shark could not get through the window.
Alan, dude...language!!!

BLRownsU said...

I dreamt that I was in some kind of race on a mountain, I was in 4th approaching the base of the mountain. We started up, and Scott alexander, who was in first, started tumbling down through the snow. I kicked it on hte uphill, passing Raphael Bertrand and Dan Cox on the way, i get to the cave at the top of the hill and turn around to go back down to the finish, I am kicking butt, but in the last second, Chris Naccarelli comes sliding down the snow in some kind of power slide that only the lead singer of TRLT could have pulled off. And he won. And I was happy for him. Pretty awesome dream.

Alan, that is hilarious, hah, that has to have some sort of meaning, seep down do you think that mom is a terrorist?

Could the shark walk on land mom? that is maybe the scariest thing that could happen. ever. Landshark.

Alan said...

MOM, u called me DUDE!

Alan said...

haha, knick nac, sean is back!

i dont know what ur talkin bout.... tortoises are the scariest thing ever man, they r so flippin old